Yes, but Less!
Curated by Daria Irincheeva in association with Ruy Sanchez Blanco

"Yes, but Less!" brings together seven emerging artists from the United States, Russia and Chile, most of whom are recent graduates from the Yale, Hunter, and SVA Master of Fine Art programs. Each of these seven artists employ a broad variety of media and techniques, ranging from photography and painting, to sculpture and embroidery. Their perspective as presented in "Yes, but Less!", is as if they are watching a performance on a distant stage and making personal notes about what they see and feel. Their works are simultaneously filled with complete personal engagement and degrees of social isolation. "Yes, but Less!" can be considered as a reaction to both the over-commercialization, and the over-politicization of art today, where these two aspects have become dominating tendencies in the art world, and are increasingly forcing artworks into existing as either luxurious, elitist products, or illustrations of and commentary on different facets of socio-political injustice around the world. "Yes, but Less!" tries to find a balance between aesthetics and concept, where neither prevails over the other, but rather, where they flow from each other, creating questions rather than answers, and generating uncertain feelings rather than clear manifestations of meaning.

The Artists:

Austin Lee
Daria Irincheeva
Denise Treizman Goren
John Szlasa
Maria Babikova
Michael Hilsman
Sergey Sapozhnikov



"Yes, but Less!" debuted on 11th October, 2013 at Apt 16 Art Space and coincided with Newark Open Doors